It’s not a comedy, but let’s laugh at Mark Ruffalo anyhow: Stargazing

Sometimes I think that they’ll find a way someday to make motion-capture suits for movie actors dignified, not dorky. But I used to think that about bicycle helmets, too, and it hasn’t quite happened. All Mark Ruffalo has to console himself with is his adamant commitment to his craft, worldwide fame and millions of dollars.

A weary Duchess of Cambridge turns to ask her handler: “Am I teaching the children about sharing needles or not sharing needles? I do so many of these things.” (Getty Images)

The spy/buddy-cop show we’re all writing in our heads right now for Shaggy and Sting is too perfect to be real. Or it’s been streaming on Crackle or someplace for three years already; who even knows anymore? (Getty Images)

Lonely even at a posh party, heartbroken Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner wait in vain for their crushes Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi to call. (NYT)

You probably know actor Chris Sullivan from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or This is Us. But I believe he’s trying to tell us with his outfit that he was also in a ska band 20 years ago. (Getty Images)

Either Nicole Kidman is taking on another “pretty lady becomes ugly to win an Oscar” role, or she just didn’t have time to shower. (Backgrid photo)

Stars have style tips for you: Actress Riley Keough says “Don’t get out of your bathrobe even for a news conference,” while model Emily Ratajkowski touts her makeup line, Binge: “Stay up for four days — or just look like it!” (Getty Images)


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